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Not ranked on Steam Leaderboard


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Hi everyone,

I've just noticed that my Steam account is not ranked anymore on Exophase, but I honestly don't know what game could be the problem. It already happened once (some years ago ?) and I remember it was because of the game "140", for which some timestamps were identical. As I said at the time, it happened because I live in China and achievements unlocked when I play games on Steam are not registered on Steam servers if I've already lost my connection through the VPN, and trust me, this happens a lot when you live in China. As a result, some achievements are all registered on the server next time I connect to Steam with the VPN connection active.

If an admin can tell me for which achievements I was marked, I'm sure we can sort this out.

Thank you in advance.

Steam ID : 76561198087453760
Name on discord : yopadato#7483
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Enforcer Team
Thanks for contacting us.

You were flagged for Batman™: Arkham Origins. Servers are down. Shutdown was announced to be 4 Dec 2016, but servers stayed up until around 20 July 2017. You've unlocked multiple Multiplayer achievements in 2020.

Ridge Racer™ Unbounded too. Servers have been shut down around 25 Feb 2015. You've unlocked multiple Multiplayer achievements in 2020.

You'll have to create an appeal here: https://forum.achievementhunting.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6