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Not ranked.


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i noticed that i m not ranked because suspicious behaviour - and i would like to know what exactly flagged me and what i can do to fix this ?

i appreciate the help.

thanks in advance.


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Enforcer Team
Hi @Joey., thanks for contacting us.

There was a period of time when we had automatic flagging set up for Counter-Strike: Source - Gift Grab. You were caught in it. Gift Grab has been Unobtainable since January 2012 (it is known that you can't change your PC date to unlock it). Until recently, the only way to unlock it would have been to download a pirated version and switch some of the game files, which isn't allowed either on Astats or SteamHunters. A newer fix was found by Astats that doesn't involve pirating, but Unified Rules still has to say if it would be allowed or not (and we follow Unified Rules).

You'll have to create an appeal here: https://forum.achievementhunting.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6


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ah... ok - right i got the game long enough but missed that time period so i reset to an older version -.-

well, guess i will have to appeal there and make a case for the new fix ? i hope

thanks for your time and you guys do an amazing job here.

take care.