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NVIDIA Driver Has Stopped Working And Has Successfully Recovered


It's getting annoying. I get it about 3 times a week, but it differs. My clocks have been remaining at default, haven't overclocked it in months. Is it the overclock that made it go bad? I didn't go that crazy, probably just went over 50 Mhz on the clock.


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Try the usual uninstall driver and re-install driver. I usually only get this error when it's bad drivers or the card is on it's last legs
May be a bad driver.

Although, I remember hearing that this isn't always hardware related. Are you in-game when these errors occured? When I run TF2 windowed, I'd get that error when TF2 crashed.

AFAIK, an OC shouldn't do any damage unless the temperatures were too high and caused damage. Overvolting tends to be much more hazardous.

EDIT: 310 M? You really shouldn't be overclocking anything in a laptop.


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Sometimes laptop vendors under clock the gpu for battery consumption reasons.


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EDIT: 310 M? You really shouldn't be overclocking anything in a laptop.

Forget the overclock and just get another laptop or live with that one. OC'ing a laptop GPU is not only destroying your computer experience, but also shortening the life of the thing. I've been there, trust me.


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I'd place my bet on driver issues. Try reinstalling. It's hard to fry your card with a simple OC, unless you are volt modding or something. Most cards have safeguards in place. In the event of a bad OC, it should just turn right off before the card heats up to unsafe temps.

That said, I agree that OC-ing any GPU on a laptop isn't particularly smart. Laptop cooling systems give you little to no overhead. The fact that all the components barely have any breathing room doesn't help things either.


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I once had this issue, it just kept crashing, even a reinstall didn't fix it, but when I reinstalled windows it was resolved.


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I have a similar issue. When I run adobe photoshp CS4, windows switches from the aero theme to the basic with no transparency. My screen will also flicker black and sometimes give me the "NVIDIA graphics card crashed but has recovered."