PSV Ok humor me please, who actually owns one here?

Discussion in 'Console Discussion' started by KezraPlanes, Sep 28, 2015.

Do you own a PS Vita?

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  1. KezraPlanes

    KezraPlanes Just some dood

    Ok, I know I do but I got it solely for Persona 4 Golden so I may be an exception. I got tons of extra goodies in the process, but still.

    If you do own one, why? If you don't... well why are you here? :p But it'd be cool if you said why not ("3DS is better" doesn't count as a why, I would like an actual rationale behind the choosing of one over the other).

    Why am I doing this? Well because:

    1) I'm a curious person
    2) I'm thinking of writing an article on the spectacular failure of the Vita on my blog but I would like to gather opinions
  2. s4rgiothor

    s4rgiothor New Member

    i really enjoy playing Persona 4 Golden and Danganronpa on Vita, but i also use it as PS Classics emulator, i picked up almost all Final Fantasy games on Square sale last time
  3. SihayatheFremen

    SihayatheFremen Active Member

    I have a vita and I love it. Its become my most played console these days. Its developed that horrid battery glitch and I still don't care. Just plug it in and keep on playing.
    Why do I love it? Because it's got a fantastic library that I can take anywhere.
    Everyone says persona 4 and that's great but I have a long list of games I enjoy on it.
    Muramasa, VLR, AC:L, Uncharted, the Hyperdimension series, Warriors Orochi 3, DW, Ys, Amnesia: Memories, I could keep going for hours.
    I don't consider the vita a failure, just like I don't consider the PSP a failure and those who do never bothered to look past the admittedly anemic AAA games on offer. Being someone who doesn't give 2 shits about what's popular and sets more store on what's solid, enjoyable and engaging, I have always found plenty to play on Sony handhelds.
    To be honest as nice as I think my new 3ds is, I'd take my glitches up vita over it any day.
  4. KezraPlanes

    KezraPlanes Just some dood

    Wow, nice post!

    Sorry if I sounded so dismissive of the Vita in my first post. I feel a tad like you as in, the Vita is my second most played platform after the PC. And the Vita is a platform of more niche titles, to a bigger extent the PSP ever was. I also feel like the Vita is perfect for playing many indie titles, because as cool as playing them out the PC is, considering many of them feature pixel art, they end up suffering a bit at a res of 1080p, whilst the Vita screen being smaller and having more vibrant colours (on the 1000) model brings out the best in that kind of aesthetic. And of course there are amazing titles on the Vita that many people overlook: Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Xblaze, Tearaway and Steins;Gate also coming to mind.

    However, the fact he Vita is a financial failure (which is what I meant on my first post) cannot be denied: at a measly 12M units sold worldwide as of a few weeks ago, it's easy to set any the Vita had been dropped by Sony, even if they have the biggest share of the fault in the first place.

    I have now officially given up on updating my Vita, so I can use the hacks available for my current FW (3.51) which also allows me to play translated games that were JP-only on the PSP.

    I am still miffed that Persona Q wasn't a Vita exclusive, I love that game but the drawing mechanic really bogs it down.
  5. SihayatheFremen

    SihayatheFremen Active Member

    If the vita is a financial failure its partyl because Sony marketing is crap and partly because the gaming community at large only focuses on AAA and slick graphics and dismiss other things by and large. And while I know that isn't EVERY gamer it is a very large portion.
    We who spend time on forums and gaming news outlets assume all gamers are as informed as us.
    The truth is, by and large, most gamers fall into the target/best buy shoppers who are drawn in by a flashy box or title.
  6. KezraPlanes

    KezraPlanes Just some dood

    I would say that 80% of the blame lies with Sony's marketing department, a console can't sell if no one knows it exists and therefore oeple can't buy it, or the games coming out for it.
  7. SihayatheFremen

    SihayatheFremen Active Member

    Maybe so but 12m people were able to figure it out.
  8. KezraPlanes

    KezraPlanes Just some dood

    I'm gonna assume they were the most hardcore PSP fans that didn't give up on Sony even though Sony gave up on the PSP. I was one of those :p
  9. tm4261

    tm4261 New Member

    I had one but I sold it. Played most of the "western games" I wanted to play, and the rest of games are either indie or jRPG, both of which I don't like. I though I would use it more on my trips, but it ended up that I don't travel that much. It basically became useless with my PC and PS4 in the house. It was cool to play console quality games like FIFA and Rayman on the go, but most of the time it collected dust so I decided to ditch it.

    I think it's a briliant and powerful little device, but unfortunately Sony's support is dead. Which means almost none console quality games, that was also a big selling decision factor.
  10. El Diablo

    El Diablo Member

    I have one, don't play it as much as I'd like to for a few different reasons but I think it's a great device. I got it shortly after release, the month PS+ first started offering a game catalog for the Vita was when I bought it. I traded in my launch 3ds that I stopped playing after Zelda for it+ like 30 bucks so I paid almost nothing for the system.

    I originally bought it to try Persona 4 and Battle Royale, and had heard rumors and hopes about FFX on the Vita (This was really the biggest thing, having this game on the go for me and it wasn't even announced yet) thinking it would be a good portable system with games to play that would kill time, and in hopes that it would turn into a homebrew scene like the PSP did. At first I kept it updated and played the occasional PS+ free game that I might have an interest in.

    When the homebrew scene started to develop I stopped updating it and in turn lost all my PS+ games I had, as well as future ones coming out while I didn't have it updated (I know you can do it on their website) and missed out on a lot of possible games through that probably. Not updating really did nothing for me, it was a dumbed down PSP emulator that didn't seem to be able to run all the homebrew the PSP could and certain things not as well, and on top of that, the PS1 games/emulator did not work which was the biggest thing for me. I stopped using it altogether after a while for lack of being able to do anything homebrew wise that I was interested in or game wise until FFX was announced and came out and I updated it for that.

    Since then I've gone between current FW and staying on an old version when a new exploit is announced but I always find myself dissapointed by a lack of a real CFW or full PSP/PS1 emulator support and when I update I can't seem to find too many games I'm interested in at all or want to try. I have not been following the scene at all lately so things may have changed and more games may have come out that I'm not aware of, but for now it's been collecting dust unless I'm going somewhere I take it with me to continue my FFX/X-2 games and that's about all I use it for now.

    Remote play was also another big selling point for me when I bought it which never worked as well as I had hoped on my ps3, but the news of how every game would support it and it would be a big deal on ps4 when it came out was huge to me, sadly I used that feature maybe 5 times on my ps4. It was nice at first but the lack of real R2/L2 buttons and R3/L3 really kill me, some games are more playable than others especially ones that only really need 1 R and L button, but also my old router used to blow and I would struggle to get a decent connection on it even on wifi with it. Since then I've upgraded our router to a Netgear Nighthawk (though I don't think I get it's full potential with shitty U-Verse) so it's possible our network would be able to handle it a lot better now so I should try it again.

    TLDR: I thought I would get more use out of it and have more games I'd be interested in and that it would be hacked like the PSP was for portable homebrew/emulators and those things did not happen, however FFX was released on it which was one of my biggest hopes for the system when it was released and I got it so it was worth it for that for me personally.
  11. SC Shadow Blade

    SC Shadow Blade Active Member

    I really enjoy my vita i wish they had more games out for it but since my backlog is insane already i dont really notice too much FFX & FFx-2 was amazing addition to the vita they need to relase more games like that on the vita. I honestly feel like final fantasy type 0 could have been released on the vita IMO
  12. Zanth99

    Zanth99 New Member

    Tho my achieves and such don't support it, I probably spend more time playing my Vita than anything else. Actually gaming, that is, I run idle games a lot on my PC. I absolutely love it.
  13. Blankmar

    Blankmar New Member

    I would love to own one. I miss my Psp days. Those little disc were wicked and I loved the games I had.

    I just can't get around to putting the money towards one these days and I wouldn't want one with the new LCD screen either, to be honest. I love the original, first models when it comes to hand-helds. I do have a 2DS(3DS was stolen) and I love it. Maybe one day I'll get a vita. I'd love to play Gravity Rush though it is coming to Ps4 soon.
  14. mauszx

    mauszx New Member

    I admit that the vita looks cool and all, but at what moment can I play that? I mean when I'm at home I want to play on my tv, not on some small thing.
  15. Xxamer

    Xxamer New Member

    I think Vita have the majority of his public in JRPG and Graphic Novel lovers, I have one and I don't regret :B I spend more time in Vita than in 3DS
  16. aimei66

    aimei66 New Member

    I love my vita, and because I have a basic level of Japanese and I'm fluent in Chinese there are a ton of games to play on it. Sure not many western AAA but there is more to gaming than that. I love playing indies on it more than on a pc etc, it has alot of cool arcade style games which are great for gaming on the go. It isn't the console gaming in your pocket that they wanted it to be but it is a nice way to game.
  17. Kaiberith

    Kaiberith New Member

    I bought one a few years back just to play Persona 4 Golden. I sold it after I had played that game to death. Wish I had kept it though. Very underrated system. I might just have to pick up another one for all the JRPG goodness it has been getting.
  18. Cabooshy

    Cabooshy New Member

    I Bought mine after going on a marathon of the older WipEout games, so naturally i bought it for 2048, but ended up buying a ton of JRPG's and a few VN's aswell. Amazing little console tbh
  19. Survival Horror

    Survival Horror Active Member

    I dont have and never liked a portable console. And of course i dont like to play the same game in both versions(ps3,ps4, psvita etc). I dont think that i must explain anything more. I prefer the classic consoles as we learnt and as we still love them :)
  20. KezraPlanes

    KezraPlanes Just some dood

    Holy shit this thread. I made this... a while ago. So long ago my Vita is collecting dust now. :p
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