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Hi, I am Maik from germany and play games for around 20 years now, starting with C64, later with nearly all consoles, handhelds and more.
I doesnt play very much nowadays, but still love it to look in this and that game and may got an trophy.
Mostly I like RPGs. Yeah. Thats it I think? :D


Welcome! :)


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Welcome to Exophase!


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I found this site when i was search for a secret achievement from my game XD. This site is all of a need for my lot games e.e (unificate in one place all my achievemente from all my devices). Wellcome dude, ill enjoy it a lot XD


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Welcome to Exophase! @Quobbs I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. Be sure to have the Beta enabled in your settings, you'll be blown away by all the improvements made in the past few months.
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