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ONE On The Road - Truck Simulator achievements / trophies GLITCH (easy)

iManuBAD iT

Hi everyone,
today I want to share some tips for complete ON THE ROAD - Truck Simulator

I found another place in Frankfurt where it's possible to use this glitch for the 3 achievements / trophies
Mind condition - Practical test - Keep it rollin'

⚠ Keep in mind:

● Go to Frankfurt
● After you start glitching the engine will automatically shut off after a few seconds, RESTART IT (this step is IMPORTANT), once the engine is on you can sit back and relax for 50-55 hours.
● Set the EXTERIOR cam
● It's advisable to use a cabled gamepad and use a rubber band on the sticks so the camera will move around.
● If you use a cabled gamepad after 1 hour the game will pause regardless, so the use of rubber bands is important.
● Once those achievements are completed the file save will no longer be usable.

I hope I've been helpful!