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Opinion needed for game in development


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The improvement you guys have made since the first video is amazing. Really nice job, I'll definitely be picking it up. Any plans for different platforms?


ceebs. :)
Your robot looks like kind of a mix between the one in iRobot and Iron Man (the face). :wink:

Nevertheless, it looks EPIC. I would really love to try it. The sad part is that I don't own an Xbox. Shame.

Would you, in the future, think of porting it to the PC? :smile:


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We are going to port it to pc but we don't know exactly when.

Sorry for not posting, thx everybody for support, we had a lot of work these days because we polished version for Summer Uprising event. Hard work has paid off because we won the promotion which starts on 22th of August along other 7 finalist. Now we are finishing a game and we will try and make it the best on XBOX indie service.



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Here it is final gameplay.

Game will be released on August 25th. Thanks everybody for support. See you soon on our next title.


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Hi, guys

We just wanted to say happy new year and to inform everybody who have T.E.C. 3001 about update for it. Update is now live and can be downloaded. It brings 12 new bonus levels, bug fixes, awardments and several other things



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Hi guys,
It has been almost a year since we talked here about our XBOX Live Indie game T.E.C. 3001 and we have been very busy for the past period on several projects. We got great response here and on several other communities so we wanted to spread news about our game. As you might have heard, Steam has started Greenlight project, and T.E.C. 3001 is also there waiting for votes. For those who haven't heard about it, Steam Greenlight represents opportunity for indie developers to get their titles on Steam. Everyone is free to put their title there and Steam users can vote for it if they like it. In a period of time, group of games with highest number of votes are published to Steam.

It would help us alot if anyone who liked the game and has Steam account can vote for it.

Either way, it was nice putting a game out there so that greater audience can see it.



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Enforcer Team
Awesome, it would be great to see your game on Steam. Upvoted and good luck :)