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Origin, Blizzard, Ubisoft, Epic Platforms


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I'm familiar with Ubisoft and got all the Far Cry 6 ubisoft achievements while also getting all the PS5 trophies during the same playthrough. I have an EA account and I've played FIFA 22 on PS5. I get the PS5 trophies, but no Origin achievements. My question is... since it seems you can't get Origin achievements on PS5, but can get Ubisoft achievements on PS5, does anyone have a list of what platforms you can use to get the achievements? For example, do you have to play through the EA app in order to get the Origin achievements?


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For Origin, you have to play through the EA or Origin apps on the PC itself (or through Steam, which will automatically open the Origin app). It won't work via consoles. For Ubisoft, all games from this page https://www.exophase.com/platform/uplay/ should unlock the challenges via any platforms you play it from as far as I'm aware. That's because Uplay changed to a Cross-Platform Ubisoft Connect program a bit ago, but in that process, they've erased all the old Uplay challenges, which was a shame.

As for Blizzard and Epic Games, I'm pretty sure they're PC only. On Epic Games you might be able to unlock some via console, if those games have Cross-Platform programs, some of the ones I'm aware of are Fall Guys and Rocket League.
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