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PC Origin - Mini Metro Achievements Issue

For everyone that wonders why the achievements may not unlock:

We've been talking with Origin about the issue—there was a bug introduced to the client that was preventing some achievements from being unlocked. There's a patch that is apparently on the test client, but other players haven't had any luck with it. The update will be rolled out next week.

Mini Metro does store all achievements locally, so you haven't lost any progress! When the Origin bug is fixed, you'll be awarded the achievements on Origin retroactively the next time you start the game.
There was an Origin patch, but we are waiting for a game patch. I have "Automatic game updates" off so i would notice any.


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Not a game patch, Peter told me that new origin client will fix achievments. It's origin bug not a game bug

"Ok, heard back from Origin — there was a bug introduced to the client that is causing some achievements to not unlock. If you opt into the latest beta of the client you'll get the fix immediately, otherwise they're planning to roll it out as a mandatory update mid-next week."

I have latest beta client and still not working he is talking with origin team again. Waiting for a update from him
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Another patch today and it is still bugged. It unlocked two additional achievements but nothing more. I have made few tests and still nothing :/