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Original Half-Life for 98 cents on Steam (Limited Time)

Abe Froeman

Gamer Dad
Enforcer Team
This is from the frontpage and wanted to make sure that the people back here saw it. I've personally never played the original Half-Life, so I think I can afford the $1 purchase price.

Still haven

Pokemanz master

Lowering your IQ
Thats something I can afford, well in pc gaming that im willing to try. btw nice find.
arghh nvm no pre-paid card.... but it dose seem I got an few $ on my psn account if I find an way to transfer it.


New Member
and probably won't get.
Damn internet.

I'm buying a prepaid visa soon enough so I can get L4D, though.


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I bought it... I officially have -$47, thanks to an overdue credit card bill...

Payday can't get here soon enough.


lol, well luckily for me, i bought half life 2 when it first came out because the demo was too damn sexy to ignore and it came with Half-Life and all expansion for free. As well as Counter-Strike Source and DOD: Source which did not come out till November of that year, which really, was everything i really wanted at the time from Steam. Mind you, they have released a few other goodies since that time, but i've been too lazy as well as broke to buy them!