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OS X - Two installations, both broken, one more than the other...


Meta Moose
Ok, this might take a while to explain so here I go...

I've been given a G4: 1GHz, 900MB.
It has two hard drives: 30GB, 20GB.
First Hard Drive: OS X Panther, 10.3.2
Second Hard Drive: OS X Panther, 10.3.2

Both installations were working fine. I was updating the first installation (Hard Drive 1) and the computer had a kernel panic and forced me to restart it in the middle of the update (unfortunately it happened when I was updating the OS, not when I was updating any of the software... unlucky, I know). It turns out the computer had the kernel panic because of a loose RAM card on the motherboard.

I can no longer boot into the first installation as it just hangs at the boot screen, where the Apple logo shows and the spinning wheel just spins endlessly (just to spite me).

I have switched the jumpers on the hard drives so that the computer boots straight into the second hard drive, but... The second installation has NO applications installed. This includes any applications that should have been installed when the OS was installed (Disk Utility, etc.). NONE. Absolutely no applications.

So I am completely lost. I cannot attempt to re-update the first installation through a combo DMG update because I don't have Disk Utility to load the DMG file. The computer won't boot into a pirated copy of Tiger OS X that I downloaded last night... it gives a blank screen, ejects the DVD and then shows the folder that flashes the Finder logo and a question mark (this is when I unplugged the hard drives to try and boot into the DVD) or just boots into the OS (when hard drives are plugged in).

Any suggestions? I'm thinking I need to find another Mac, re-install the OS on both hard drives and start from the beginning again.


EDIT: FYI, when I boot into Verbose mode on the first installation, it hangs at Firewall IP loaded for X amount of minutes until I decide to turn it off. I have had it hang at that screen for up to an hour - I assume it just won't pass that point of the boot process.

I have tried resetting the PRAM and the PMU with no avail.