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Pandora Battery / Magic Memory Stick Information

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What is a Pandora Battery?

Sony's in-house hardware repair services use a battery stamped with a unique identifier to access the so-called "service mode" on PSP, which allows for the restoration of firmware and other system specific settings. Since nearly all PSP batteries sold on the retail market contain a writable EEPROM chip, it is possible to change the serial of these batteries through use of homebrew software and gain access to service mode.

What is a Magic Memory Stick?

A "Magic Memory Stick," abbreviated MMS, is essentially a normal Memory Stick, but contains the files needed to restore and install firmware. With a Pandora battery inserted, the PSP is instructed to look for these files on startup. Hence why if you boot a PSP with a Pandora battery but no MMS inserted, only a black screen will appear.

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