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PC gaming is not dead


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I heard something around the water cooler about a new keyboard from them which supposedly features LCD touch screen keys which can auto detect and/or be configured to be optimized for a particular game.
A water cooler keyboard, sounds interesting. But how will a water cooler keyboard can optimize a game where the only function of a keyboard is to make moves. Isnt it the gpu that needs to be improved to optimize a game?. By the way, which keyboard is it?. Is it just a concept or already been produced?.


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With a laptop its amazing how much you can do. I can play everything from the nintendo era to the latest Xbox titles. Amazing for someone who never had a gaming computer before.


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gaming pc is not but not preferable for sure in my opinion. gaming PC's are not more than a waste of money as it takes a lot of room space but works the same as gaming laptops. gaming laptops are way better than pc. they are available in different ranges from the lowest to the highest. if you can't afford expensive laptops then you can also buy them in your range. I can afford it for under $400.


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gaming laptops are not superior then desktops guy. In your particular case maybe, but overall its not even something that can be debated. Upgradibility, noise, performance, thermals, hands down a system with the same specs laptop to pc will get absolutely crushed by a pc every time.