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Discussion in 'Submit News' started by Alex, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. Alex

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    Modern Warfare 3 comes out in just under 4 days but some people are just too impatient and have decided to take it upon themselves to download the game, but little do they know Activision is already looking out for you and your PC-copy-stealing buddies.

    He’s hiding in your internets, snatching your games up, so Activision has decided to take it upon themsleves and are gonna be “knocking on doors around the country” and tracking IP’s in the hope to give people the opportunity to hand over the game that apparently an employee working in a shipping warehouse in California was able to make off with the second disc of the 2-Disc game.

    I did not know thats how MW3 was coming, even on PC. The disc has not ben put online and it is uncertain what the employee has done, if anything, but it has apparently spread quickly since the theft. On CraigsList in California, a $5000 fine would be given for people meddling with the pirated version of the game that “they will come get you.” The poster claimed that Activision is leveling the fine as well as a permanent ban from online playing, adding, “I already went through it.”

    Source - Ps3Hq
  2. x3sphere

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    Well Activision should be more concerned about the PS3/360 release, both of which already leaked and seem to be playable on top of that.

    The PC version uses Steamworks and cannot be pirated until release day, barring an internal leak within the company, since Valve does not send out the decryption keys early.
  3. Alex

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    Thats exactly what was said on facebook!
  4. El Xando

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    It doesn't come out in just under a fortnight... It comes out in 5 days.
  5. El Diablo

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    I really don't understand why they would be saying this about the PC. The PC is the only one protected from anyone being able to use it if it was leaked. Xbox people already have it and are playing online but they're mad about someone having disc 2 for the PC even though you can't do anything with it? Weird.
  6. Alex

    Alex Developer

    Releases on my bday xD

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