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Phantom Games XD


New Member
Well, i removed some game from my google play, but they remaning in my exophase e.e. (But my level in my google play still correct.) I tried use the manual scan but was useless this time e.e. Some ideia?


Staff member
Enforcer Team
I've run a resync on your profile, should be good now. Running a manual scan will not remove any games for now. A user option is planned, but for now you need to request a resync to get games removed.


New Member
it's because i search a lot of games at google to take 100%. Some times i found games with broken achievements or achievements that needs buy something or play for years or achievements like "Play beta version". In theses case i remove the data from theses games (to mantaing the rating high u,u) (but in case of broken achievement, i always send emails to developers asking about the achievement or if going to be fix in the future, it worked for example with my Kingdom Rush XD). I guess it going to happen a lot, but i can reserve a day to do it u.u (like once at 2 months XD. Thank you for your help (again)