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Please display the number of games owned. (pie chart) & hidden games bug?

I loved it. Please revive it. :)

and, I have one more question.
I want to cancel the hidden game, but it does not work. Is this a bug?
I want the function to delete the game list by myself.
Can you consider adding that function?


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Enforcer Team
Pie chart is back, wasn't meant to be removed so sorry about that.

Removing the hidden state seems to work for me, can you retest, and if it still doesn't work let me know which game. Delete option should be showing now in the Edit Game box, as long as it's a manually added game.
Pie chart is back, thank you.

I can't "Hide game on profile page" checked off and running Save Changes.
Changing the web browser could not solve it.
I hide the two games and have problems.
Xbox 360 "Bomberman Battlefest" and "Bomberman LIVE".


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Enforcer Team
Ahh, found the issue. Those games were permanently hidden by an admin, which overrides the user setting. Maybe I did it for you in the past, before we added the hide game option.

Anyway it is fixed now, so you should be able to show / hide them as normal now.
I confirmed that everything worked normally. :)
I'm sorry. I forgot that I asked you.
Thank you so much for solving the problem.
I love this site. I think it is difficult to maintain the site, please do your best!
My English is not good, but thank you! :p