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[Please Read] - eXophase PSP Forum Rules

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Abe Froeman

Gamer Dad
Enforcer Team
Effective immediately, we are implementing the following rules to the PSP Homebrew Sections of this site in an effort to address some issues existing members were having. In addition to those issues brought up, we feel it would also best serve new members registering here to get help with PSP related problems and questions.

[FIELDSET="PSP Section Rules"]
  1. Before asking any question read the sticky in our Guides Section called "The MfM Guide to the PlayStation Portable." - Chances are fairly good that your question might already be covered there and the answer should be easy to find.
  2. Requests are not allowed. - This mainly applies to requests related to exploits or new homebrew software unless the author has stated they want feedback.
  3. If you are bashing, flaming, trolling, or posting anything that falls under spam; you will be given an infraction. - If you continue further then a temporary ban may be issued.
  4. Post with a reason or not at all. - Stay on topic and make sure whatever you are posting serves a purpose.
  5. If you want to ask a question, search first. Please put in some effort to search the site to see if your question has been asked before. You may be surprised to see that your question has been answered a number of times previously. If you don't know how to search, see this thread for instructions.
  6. Off topic posts and replies continuing to be off topic are not allowed. - If you see an off topic post, report it instead of replying to it yourself.
  7. Personal attacks aren't allowed. - It's fine to disagree with someone, but there's no reason to bash or insult anyone.
  8. No useless flame bait. - Everyone has the right to disagree, but do so with proper arguments and without insulting anyone personally. Remember, everyone holds their own opinion. If someone disagrees with you this is not a ticket to start being mean/flaming.
  9. Don't excessively use punctuation and capitals letters. - You're just coming off disrespectful.
  10. This isn't a chatbox. - You have time to carefully word out and maybe rewrite your post until it fits in as a quality post.
  11. Please use descriptive thread titles. - It should go without saying, but in order to help out people using the site's search feature, a descriptive thread title goes a long way.

[FIELDSET="IRC Help Solutions"]If you need real time help with your PSP question, do not be afraid to hop onto our dedicated IRC channel where you will be able to find the support you desire. To get there, follow the above link on your Navbar called eXo Chat or click this link: eXophase Forums - IRC

If the above posting guidelines for the PSP Sections are not followed, the below will apply and will be how our staff will respond to posts violating the new rules.

More Infractions
We will no longer be responding to reported posts by just deleting the offending post. If any action is taken then an infraction will also be served along with it, this is so the offending user will hopefully learn from their mistake.

A single point infraction is in no way a big deal, so anyone that receives one should take it as a nudge in the right direction rather than a punishment.

Rep for Reports
For any posts that are reported and result in action being taken we will be awarding reputation as a way to say thank you for the reported post. This is because we do not have the time or the desire to go trawling through the PSP section all day long. Due to the way the rep system works we am unable to give reputation to the same person twice in a row, so if you reports lots of posts don't expect to always gain back the same amount of reputation.

If you have any doubt about whether a post breaks any of the above rules, then report it anyway. It will be reviewed by a member of staff and we can decide if it is OK or not.

Yes this is like rewarding a snitch; except you won't be gaining any protection/immunity. Everyone is just as liable to receive infractions and punishment as everyone else, regardless of post count, reputation, donator status, etc.

Action Taken
This will be at the staffs discretion. If you report a post and don't see anything happen as a result of it then it may be the case that a staff member has looked into it and decided that the post does not break any rules. Also if you see a post suddenly disappear please don't start asking where it has gone, it will have been deleted for a reason, the reason will not be up for discussion.

***As always, these rules for the PSP Sections will be a work in progress and we will be tweaking and changing things as they are needed to keep this portion of the site running well.

If you wish to discuss these new rules and guidelines for the PSP Section, then please do so in this thread: [Please Read] - eXophase PSP Forum Rules
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