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Popsloader POPS .prx Plugins for 3.00-3.72


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This was very helpful to me. i think it will save everyone a lot of time.

For those of you who do not know what this means; these are the plugins (.prx files) that you would have obtained via using PSARdumper. You would originally use this program with your PSP to find the plugins (.prx files) for different firmwares that you would load using popsloader and you would do this because certain PSX games work better with certain pops from certain firmwares. someone correct me if i'm wrong; i'm new to all of this as well.

instead of using PSARdumper to find the right .prx from each firmware, which takes a lot of time, you can simply download this file then replace your popsloader file in (Memory Stick):\seplugins\ with the downloaded popsloader file.

The downloaded popsloader file has all of the .prx from firmwares 3.00 - 3.72.


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My hat comes off to you, sir. I couldn't get RE2 to load with 3.90 POPS, but I knew it worked with 3.40. Downloading this file saved me a half hour's worth of work. Many thanks. 8)