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Discussion in 'Community Gatherings' started by PR0fessor Burnt, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. PR0fessor Burnt

    PR0fessor Burnt Active Member

    Don't know how many people got a 3DS this weekend, but if you did post your friend codes here.

    Mine is: 2964-8590-8841
    Name is Burnt
  2. Riorio99

    Riorio99 New Member

    Name: Rob
    Only playing Street Fighter right now.

    I tried to add you, Burnt, but I need your name or some shit.
  3. PR0fessor Burnt

    PR0fessor Burnt Active Member

    name is just Burnt im pretty sure.

    Dont have any games atm will be getting Street fighter hopefully today.
  4. Riorio99

    Riorio99 New Member

    Added you, I think you need to add mine now for it to work.
  5. PR0fessor Burnt

    PR0fessor Burnt Active Member

    ahh ok will do in a few minutes

    EDIT: Added :)
  6. Riorio99

    Riorio99 New Member

    Sweet, got ya.
  7. BlackSheep

    BlackSheep Active Member

    they really need to move away from friend codes whats the point of these any ways?
  8. PR0fessor Burnt

    PR0fessor Burnt Active Member

    play online games with friends?
    same as any online game ID

    the way they have them set up is stupid though. the fact that you need to add them as well as they add u is just stupid. Also you need their name as well as a friend code, should be just one or the other.
  9. FrozenIpaq

    FrozenIpaq Justin B / Supp. Editor Staff Member Enforcer Team

    The stupid thing about the DS: the limitations on encryption. I forget the exact requirements (password protected WEP?) but whatever they are they will prevent me from playing my DS online since I have no compatible access points. I might be able to turn my phone into a compatible one though, depending on the requirements. Really would like to fight someone later on in Pokemon after I get more time to put into it
  10. Spiros

    Spiros Maiki

    The friend code system does seem stupid, but my guess is it's made to be difficult, so that little kids won't just get random friend requests from pedos. So annoying as it sounds, it might be a good idea for a system like the 3DS that I think a lot of younger kids gravitate towards.
  11. PR0fessor Burnt

    PR0fessor Burnt Active Member

    the 3DS does support WPA2 so that's not really the problem anymore

    They could have made it so there is an option in the parent controls so that there is a password or something to be able to add friends like the Xbox does
  12. TeamOverload

    TeamOverload Active Member

    Just got this today as an early birthday present. Shame to see there aren't more people with it here. Finally got the system online (had to use Google DNS), still can't update the console via system update, even after going through all Nintendo's troubleshooting but that's another problem for another day.

    Here's my info:

    User name: Epic
    Friend Code: 1719-3232-2198

    Add me fellas.
  13. PR0fessor Burnt

    PR0fessor Burnt Active Member

  14. TeamOverload

    TeamOverload Active Member

    Since this is our most official 3DS thread it seems, I'll just post this here.

    Just picked up Ridge Racer 3D earlier today. Pretty nice title, and definitely one of the nicer 3D effects I've seen done on the system so far. I really like the 3D hud, and the depth of vision, and the little effects they added in such as confetti flying against the screen, planes flying by, water flying towards the screen when driving over puddles, and sparks flying at you when rubbing against a wall or another car. Wish the car models and reflections looked nicer, as they're pretty poor, but the environments and such are nice. Definitely worth checking out, shame there's no online multiplayer though, as the online does seem slightly promising for this system :/
  15. PR0fessor Burnt

    PR0fessor Burnt Active Member

    Sounds like it would be fun. Might pick it up when I got money

    The online works really well for Super Street Fighter
  16. TeamOverload

    TeamOverload Active Member

    Ended up getting SSF4 today, probably won't play online much on it, since i'm not too great at fighting games though.

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