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Post your internet speed


Greyone said:

charter is offering 10 mbps for $5 more, so i think i might do it.
This 512Kbit crap is costing me Rs.18000 a year. 1Mbit is the fastest unlimited traffic connection available in the country. Its ridiculously costly compared to the 512.


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James. said:
I guess I may be missing something here....

Paying for 8mb?
Look what happens after you dl too much in a short amount of time:

I fucking hate it when they cut speeds >.<

I changed server because the maidenhead would not load.


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Granite said:
Im not at my house but curse my Grandparents download speed \:
You're lucky they even have internet. When I'm at mine I have to steal WIFI from the house across the street.


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Test 2 is a little better

Ok this is like me by myself



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I love your ISP name


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12 mile and southfield...

But this is at my college that I go to..


Such a small world. I'm in Ann Arbor for school but I live in Warren otherwise. mile away from oakland mall.


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Right by micro center?

That place rocks


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I almost got a job there but stupid gas prices plus time driving there stopped me from getting it..It a little from to there from southfield..

They dont get paid much.... BUt if your a good salesmen you get tons of commission.

That what all those stickers are for.... That why even tho I know what I am buying I always get some guy who works there to put a sticker on it that way he benefits from it...


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Sousanator said:
Seeing that makes me feel a lot better since I'm switching to Teksavvy sometime this month

But I would think their server would be in Canada
Actually it's in Chatham, Ontario. I just did the test there cause for some odd reason it's faster than the Toronto location.


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My advertised speed is 15Mbits download and 15Mbits upload. But my ISP is upgrading their lines, so soon I will have 30Mbits/30Mbits for €10 less which is great. For now though I pay €40.



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Never thought I'd hear anyone say that.

Fastest download maybe, not best.
As a long time NTL/VM User im afraid im going to have to contradict your post.
Totally unreliable. This is fact, I have contact with the people that host their hardware (it's not hosted in house).
I havent had any problems. Ive had one broken modem but i had been using that for about 3 years. (Hardware breaks after a while
Shit upload speed compared to download.
Upload may not be super great but its fine for me I can host a Left 4 dead match or Synergy match for 8 people with no lag for them
Shit customer service. They just don't care.
Customer service has been perfect and great for me except for them using indians but thats like 99% companys ive come across use indians
And they're the only ISP in the UK that will cut you off after 3 piracy warnings.
Achem Ive been downloading illegal stuff since i started with NTL ages ago. I havent had one letter of piracy warning. You fail.

O2 are far and away the best ISP. They may not be as fast as Virgin but once everything goes over to fibre it'll all be the same. O2 have the highest reliability in the UK and the best customer service on the rare occasion your net drops out.
There you go. My Speed: