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post your ipod/iphone screenshots here!


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Heres my screenshots - 3.1.3, been messing around with themes and stuff, I dont have that many jailbroken apps but most of my cydia stuff are tweaks and what not, such as liveclock and live weather, much better than staring at fake ones. And if your a guitar player like me, id recommend getting the ultimate guitar tabs app, best one out there.


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Yes it is, especially when you couple it with addons, its got a bunch of good stuff. Lifesaver that thing is.


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How can you guys not get tap tap revenge LOL
i don't have any iapps but i play that during class everyday
I do. I wouldnt say I love it, but it is a good game. Look on the 3rd screenshot.

And also, ill recommend geoDefense. Just got this a couple days ago and havent been able to put it down. Amazing game in my opinion.

PR0fessor Burnt

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borrowing without asking? lol

nahh installous isnt just free games Burnt, if i rightly remember its also got user uploaded ringtones/themes ect
I use to have installous and it just basically a list of free game files on diffrent file sharing sites


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I prefer supporting the developers so I've only ever bought Apps from the App Store and never pirated an iPhone App. It helps that the games are quite cheap and I'm lucky to catch a lot of sales on the App Store :D


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Jesus christ MenaceInc. I thought having two pages of apps was a lot lol