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360 Post your XBL Gamertags


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My gamertag is Mave Zero, same as my username. I've been playing Gears of War 2 and Fallout 3 a lot recently, but I'm always up for some Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4. I also play Phantasy Star Universe online a whole lot, but I don't really consider that a 360 game because no one plays it.

:tdown: You ruined Abe's first-placeness.

Mave Zero

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Sorry Abe.

And I've got a level 140 protranser, a level 119 fortegunner, and a level 77 fortefighter on PSU.

And alright. It's a 360 game. Sue me.


Hmm, I've never heard of xboxlc.. I've always used MyGamercard.

Gonna try that out ;P

EDIT: Here's mine, then:


Dud, i didn't even know where i got that from, my old one didn't work so i just randomly googled for one and that one came up first.

You're getting L4D on the 360? I stand by the PC version, custom content ftw.
Also, my Games for Windows LIVE name is Eranmane.
I have no games.

Can you be added on XBL gamertags?

Actually, i think i answered that for meself...

Phantasy Star Online is an MMORPG. I play it like people would play World of Warcraft. It's a bit unpopular though, so it's rare to find new people to play with.

Well, i was thinking of giving this a shot, but i didnt really wanna play alone, i might have to borrow this from my friend on day.


away until Feb 7th
My gamertag is MaybeStoned. It would be nice if you told me who you if you send me a request. I play a lot of Gears for those who are interested.

Dj Lonestar

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Mine is Dj LoneStar

Im always up for playing with new peeps just throw in a message saying your from here so i know where you came from. I play Gears and COD4,

El Xando

"Dam whippersnapper"
Safe Mike!
So why you getting it again? I'm getting mine back tomorrow after over 2 weeks of not having it due to RROD.

El Xando

"Dam whippersnapper"
Microsoft fails?
It should have been delivered today but no one was in, so we're picking it up tomorrow.