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360 Post your XBL Gamertags


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Yeah, I used to have an issue with being a gamerscore whore. My score hasn't moved much in close to a year.

I seriously wish I could still play that much... :cry:

!Kernel Panic!

OUTL4W 4Lyfe
Gamer-tag = DM OUTL4W

playin' GoW2, W@W, COD4 & L4D


I'm not dead
You can activate the 12 months at anytime, they stack. So if you activate it now you'll have 13 months. Unless you're waiting to activate the 12 months sometime in the future and not have it run immediately after.


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mines zion mesh, add me!!

i had to change it from what it originally was (angelsniper45) because that account wouldnt let me upgrade to xbox live gold. so i am now officially known as zion mesh.


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IReneXI i mostly play cod4 and gow2 and i play almost everyday

if youre gonna add me please send me a message when you send me the friend request because i reject the ones that i dont know anything about


MD Party Room
I be


No games atm.