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Private PSN


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when i try to see my gamecard it said that my account was private, i changed my profile configuration but i cant see it, keep putting it's private


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You need to run a manual scan after changing your privacy settings, otherwise it will just wait for the next automatic one.

Your settings look okay now, profile is up to date.


I can generate a gamercard just fine: https://card.exophase.com/1/2306015.png
On your Exophase profile though, it says "This profile is either private or no games have been played", and the latter isn't the case.
Did you work through the guide linked there? https://forums.exophase.com/threads...settings-on-origin-steam-xbox-live-psn.26530/
(Sadly PlayStation made it impossible to see people's profiles on playstation.com itself a while ago.)

And I just visited your profile again, just in case, and that is working too now. :)

Edit: and I see x3sphere fixed it while I was checking things and typing. 👍
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