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Progressive web app (PWA) version of site


New Member
Hi there,

This is probably a relatively niche suggestion but I figured I would throw it out there. PWAs are a nice feature that aren't necessarily important for desktop but provide a nice user experience on mobile. They allow a web site to appear to function link an individual app, where you can pin it to your home screen, and when it loads, the browser bar doesn't appear. I've seen other web sites set up this way and they're pretty nice. It's also a nice alternative to creating an actual app store app.

I posted some screenshots below - they were made in Firefox for Android. Chrome on Android has a similar experience, just with slightly different wording. I can't speak to the experience on Safari on iOS.

When you go to a normal web site that is PWA-enabled, if you go to the menu, you'll see an option "Add to Home Screen". This just pins the web site to the home screen in the normal way, and if you open it, it opens the web site in your browser normally, with the browser bar appearing and such.


However, if a site meets the requirements for a PWA that are listed here, the option in the menu changes to "Install". When you do that, it adds a shortcut to the home screen, but when you open it, it opens like it is its own native app, with no browser bar.


I wanted to throw that out there to see if that was something you were interested in looking into enabling on Exophase. I think it would provide a nice improvement on the mobile experience for users.