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[PS3] Ubuntu won't detect CD-ROM drive?


Just some dood
I am trying to install Ubuntu 9.04 on my PS3 and it says it won't detect a CD-ROM drive... WTH? Is this supposed to happen? It didn't happen other times i tried to install it....

Thanks in advance,



Seth's On A Boat.
Ubuntu isn't know for their excellent drivers support...I advise you to try out Fedora(ppc), that one is known to be good, else ask Hellcat, I think he has a linux setup on his ps3.
Apparently, Yellow Dog Linux (Based off Fedora) is a much better OS for the PS3. It's optimised for the CELL BE, and they target the PS3 platform specifically. I would assume that would have the best support for the PS3. I haven't tried it out personally, but it may be worth a look.