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Any thoughts on the PS5? We haven't heard much, other than see the logo. Here are the "Key Features" they talked about at CES:
- 3D Audio Sound
- Haptic Triggers
- High Speed SSD
- Hardware Based Ray Tracing
- Ultra HD Blu-Ray


Don't know what to think , since i have less time on gaming than i use to have when ps4 released , im not so hyped now to get a new console.


Without knowing much more about it than whats in the OP, I'm interested in it simply because PS is where I have done the majority of my gaming over the years. If the fabled perfect BC is achieved, however, that would be a selling point for me. Mostly because it would allow for me to consolidate a bit. I've got a treasure trove of games, bought and from PSN+, split between the PS3, PS4 & Vita. Would be terribly convenient to have a lot of that all in one place.


They already do. It's just not visible.

Yep. Was particularly annoying when the year long tracking report went up early last month. Particularly so since there are people who had stats from physical PS1 games they were playing on the PS3 listed. Sony can and does track your gameplay from an outdated system, even when you're playing games from an even more outdated format. And we're not allowed to see any of it but maybe once a year if Sony feels like it.
I think they measure game time by achievements beacouse my yearly stats shows that I was in MGS 4 for 30+hours but im sure i not spend even 16 hours, just one playthrough on easy than I uninstaled it and never play again.


That's the thing, though. It was showing time stamps for disc PS1 games being run on the PS3.
It's bananas that tracking goes that far back and we can't request those numbers freely.


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It seemed pretty accurate to me. It said I spent [too many] hours playing Destiny and I believed it.