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Retro PSP Achievements Soon!


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I was pleasantly surprised to find out that PSP support is coming very soon to RetroAchievements and I'm super hyped!
There are 40 games planned for the launch window:




They're aiming to launch late September/early October. You can read about it all here.

Kinda bums me out that RetroAchievements aren't a little more popular here. The RA community has lots of hardcore achievement hunters/completionists so it's very much an "achievements made by achievement hunters for achievement hunters" kind of deal. It's a lot of fun going back to old classics of the past.

If you haven't checked RA out before here's their website - http://retroachievements.org/

Anyone got any top PSP games they'd like to see sets for? Tekken: Dark Resurrection is at the top of my list, sunk a decent chunk of time into that on my good old blue PSP-1000 model. Fun times.
It is great news that RetroAchievements keeps evolving and adds new platforms. There are plenty of cool games, however, not much for me in this first wave of games.
Can't wait for GTA Stories, Need for Speed, God Of War and LBP games to be added!
And we are still waiting for Playstation 2!