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PSP arrow keys not working


Noobie guy
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Help me please,
my Slim PSP on 3.90 m33-3

the arrow keys stoped workin... what should i do?


But I was committed after that birthday party...
We need more details. Stopped working altogether? Only in certain games? When did it happen? Did they work properly before? etc. etc. etc.
@Cheezeball99: I saw that proof decades back in algebra, but we solved it this way:

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It's a little shorter, but still works the same way. :)


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arrow keys are workin on games.. but on the home screen only the Up and Down keys are working...
the left and right arrow keys are not workn!


But I was committed after that birthday party...
My suggestion would be to go into the recovery menu, Advanced Config, and 'Format Flash1 settings'.


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i already tried that but its the same..
wahh.. no improvement.. huhu! =(

aw... any other options.?? please help


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It's a hardware issue. My friend had a similar problem and fixed it by opening up his PSP and reseating the d-pad. If your PSP is still under warranty it's better to send it over to Sony for repair.
My home button doesnt work sometimes, like if im playing a iso game I can't just click home and exit(the exit option comes up, but i can't move over to exit out of game) Plus on some ISO games my down button stays pressed. Is there something wrong with my directional buttons?