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PSP Filer: Exclusively At eXophase.com


In an effort to bring you what no other site can, we have gotten in contact with Mediumgauge (developer of the simply amazing PSP Filer homebrew for the PSP) to give you exclusive access to his releases before anyone else will ever hear about them. That's right, from this point on, we will be THE source for PSP Filer related information and news.

Along with our endeavour to give you, our users, first word of this talented developer's work, we are bringing you a special section on our forums for Mediumgauge's work where he will gladly read over and reply to any questions, suggestions and constructive criticism you may have of and for his work.

Take a look at Mediumgauge's Forum here and start posting your PSP Filer suggestions!

Be sure to check out his site too.


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wow, first hand news related with mediumgauges's pspfiler, tnks for choosing exophase.com, and have a nice flight