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Question about AMD 3D

El Diablo

So, I've been kind of looking to upgrade my monitor and I saw some of the prices of some 3d monitors and they are fairly low. I think it's a gimmick and what not, but for the price of some of the monitors I figure what the hell. If I can get a 23" 1080p 3d monitor for 300 bucks I think that's a pretty good deal.

My only question is, does anyone know anything about the AMD shit and how it works? From what I understand I need a card that supports it, a 3d monitor and glasses, and also a third party driver as well as those and the normal catalyst drivers. Am I correct in assuming that I would not be able to use it out of the box with just the AMD drivers and I would need some third party ones?

Assuming that is correct, does anyone know much about (what seems) to be the 2 mains ones? ddd tri def and Iz3sd? If one is better than the other or what not.


AMD HD3D is useless in it's current state from what I understand i.e. it doesn't support 120Hz with an emitter connected to the PC. You generally must use HDMI 1.4a 3D (which limits you to 24FPS @ 1080p) and use the monitor's built in emitter. For higher framerates you can only use DisplayPort with a monitor with a built in emitter.

If you're an experienced PC gamer then the mouse lag and low framerate (due to HDMI) will be very annoying. Not to mention it's pretty much taken for granted that no game developer cares about it unlike 3D Vision, so game support will be a big problem.

And it's definitely not just a gimmick. I have a 3D Vision setup and it's awesome. I only game in 3D for single player and sometimes even in multiplayer. Make sure you get one of the Lightboost monitors because there is a BIG drop in brightness otherwise.

El Diablo

So basically I might as well not even bother trying it unless I have an nvidia card so I can use nvidia 3d vision? I'd fucking love to use a display port, I really would. It seems like every god damn video card and it's grandmother is loaded with display port or mini display port ports, yet to find a monitor that actually has them is the most difficult thing ever, let alone one with 3d that's not specifically meant for 3d vision, and doesn't cost a fortune.

I'm not about to spend 300-400 dollars on a monitor that will only let me use the 3d at 24 fps and possibly give me the shitty lag I have to deal with if I try using my monitor on an hdtv (granted the ones I have tried are much bigger than ~23 inches).

I really got my hopes up and thought I had found something to spend Christmas money on and get myself but after reading into it I feel sorely disappointed.