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Question on reporting cheaters


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I was wondering if there were specific criteria that needs to be met before someone should be reported for suspicion of cheating? Mainly I just wanted to avoid sending a bunch of reports that were actually inadequate to be considered a clear case of cheating.

I ask this because earlier today I noticed the game "Cities: Skyline" has four people who have 100% achievements, which is impossible because five of the achievements require new game mechanics/features that, to the best of my knowledge, has not been released yet anywhere in the world (requires Airports DLC, release date Jan 25, 2022). I also noticed that three out of the four people have earned all or a large number of achievements on the same date, same hour and same minute, which is impossible because some achievements necessarily precede another and there are different achievements involving different gameplay modes. I reported one of them but it occurred to me maybe I should ask before I act.




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Your report was perfect, thank you! Reports are always appreciated since we have a very high number of players and a small team, it's hard for us to catch everything without some help.

I've processed your report and taken care of everybody else from your picture. Feel free to use the Report button whenever you think something weird is going on, any bit of information is helpful!