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RA Verification difficulty


I'm trying to complete the RA verification here on site, but it says 'Could not retrieve profile data from Retro Achievements - API is down. Please try again later.'
My RA achievements have been uploading to exophase fine, so I'm confused on how the API could be down?


New Member

They disabled the API about a month ago and I haven't seen them state that it is up again.

That being said, I have earned achievements recently in both newly updated retro games and old retro games. They continue to update on Exo.

I'm not tech savy enough to know why this is, but it could be related to why you cannot verify.


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Enforcer Team
Game Info Editor
The API is still down, only portions of it are working. Fetching recently earned achievements works, which is why profiles are still being updated for existing users. They likely left this enabled since it puts less strain on the servers than the other endpoints.

But we're not able to scan new users into the site since retrieving a user's full game history is not working. Basically can only see the last X days of earned achievements right now.