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Ranks by geography


It would be nice to see ranks by geography. Like, having global, region, country etc.
I see some trackers do this.
Maybe location can be set on the profile page with suggested values based on IP address.


Also it would be nice if the prices for a premium account varied depending on the region. Or just add more options to choose. For example, for $6 advertising is disabled, for $9 ads + fast sync, for $12 a full package of privileges. I think then there will be more support for the site.


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The first game I ever bought on Steam, Audiosurf,had that on its leaderboards and I go back to it every now and then still. It would show you the Global top 10 leaders in each category on that song and then it would have a tab that allowed you to see the local leaderboard, for me it knew I lived in Washington state here in the US so it showed the Washington local leaderboard. I don't know how it worked other places, like if you were in Canada I don't know if it just showed Canada as a whole or if it showed the province you were in. I am guessing it went by IP. So I have seen a similiar idea being used already I don't see why it couldn't be on here, unless theres something more complicated about implementing it than seems on the surface.
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