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Rate the avatar/sig above you.


New Member
ava 8/10

sig 9/10


Avatar: 8/10

Pretty clever. (What tower, or even case, is that? Looks like Aeus to me)

Signature: 5/10 (For some graphical reference. Yes, I an referring to the smilies xP)


Teh Fett Mawn
avatar: 7/10 - goes well with the name, reminds me of the old school snoop, dre, & 2pac.

signature: 9/10 - i always think custom sig images are cool, this one is no exception. a little too big for me personally. raiden is a nice touch, nice to see something not played out like sephiroth xD

i know this is an old thread, but its nice to see it active again :D