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Rate the avatar/sig above you.


I like the avy, 8/10. Sig: 7/10. It's not the greatest, but it's original imo.

(I know the border on mine looks horrendous :p)


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Avy: 6/10, Standard mugshot of a strange scene.
Sig: 9/10, I'm a sucker for Killzone, and nix the border then there's nothing wrong at all with the sig.


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Avatar: 7.5/10 nice simple spy animation which you certainly deserve considering how well you play as it
Sig: 9/10 loving the contrast, alternate colour scheme and most of all the flower design behind the spy. Very nice.


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Avatar: 10/10 I wish my cat could dance like that...
Sig: 7/10 It made me giggle :)

My sig: Yes, I know, I fail at sig making.


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Avatar: 6/10 it's a nice design and all but I don't like the fact it doesn't have a solid colour...especially on the right arm of the cross...makes it look messy. The choice of colours though is great.

Sig: 8.5/10 I didn't like it when I first seen it as the xploren part in the middle was difficult to see with that font but the more I see it, the more I like it. It's chaotic with its colours and has a lot of sharp lines. Very nice.


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Sig: 9/10, did you make that yourself?

Avatar: [no comment]

BTW, don't bother rating my avatar either, it's just something I chose at random from the TF2 achievement icons :p


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I wanted to rate that :(

Anyway, TF2 wins.
Avy: No rating as requested :p
Sig: 9.5/10 (I lol'd)


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Already rated Freshmilk.
Avatar: Again, [no comment]
Sig: lol, wut. 7/10

New signature, just messing around with paint.net for a bit. Didn't like the old signature, it was a bit too big. (Yes, I do overuse the Achievement icons :p)


Avy - 5.5/10, would look better if some other parts of the image were sticking out in the same direction too. One just looks weird.
Sig - 4/10, I don't like the shadow for "Dan.", and the render of Sasuke looking back is way too blurry.


That's what I thought when I first saw it. :p

It would be better if he wasn't blurry, IMO. And you can make it brighter by selecting the layer and going to Image > Adjustments, and using the Brightness/Contrast menu or the Hue/Saturation menu.


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Avy - 5/10, What is that a pokeball?
Sig - 4/10, Again a pokeball on the back of the guys jacket?
I bet im going to get a -8/10 on both of mine.