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Rate the iPhone/ iTouch theme.

Mod Edit: Please only post in this topic if you have an IMAGE to post of your themed iPod. All unrelated posts, or posts that violate this policy, have been removed from the thread. If you wish to chat about the iPod in general, or ask a question related to the iPod then look here. :)

Simple. Rate the persons iPhone or iTouch theme above you.

Scaling 1 to 10.

1 = sucks.
10 = crazy awesome.

Please only post if you have a theme to show.

Through it together quickkk... Custom Wallpaper and dock. Icons from Illuminous


Lovin OS X
Please only post if you have a theme to show.
^read... I prefer to keep it simple. I find that it is easier to run and it's faster:

As for the guy above me who posted a theme, i'll give it a 7. Nothing real special about it/ Nice and simple