Redsn0w Lite [Tethered] Released!

Discussion in 'Apple Devices' started by Moose, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Moose

    Moose Meta Moose

    I will be installing this tomorrow when I get home... as long as someone finds out a way to install it on Windows that is. =D

    Download: []

    Here is the sketchy installation guide that is included in the README:

  2. futuregator15

    futuregator15 Lovin OS X

    Too bad it's not on windows yet.
  3. Vee

    Vee New Member

    I'd wait a little bit before trying this out.
  4. eighty4

    eighty4 Active Member

  5. Moose

    Moose Meta Moose

    This is just a tethered JB, it's not a beta or anything. :p Perfectly fine to use as long as you are willing to have to connect your iPod to a PC every time you reboot it.

    EDIT: Once I have JB my own iPod, I will be writing an installation guide for those that are interested.
  6. mohaas05

    mohaas05 New Member

    Help please. I tried restoring with the patched ipsw through itunes but i got an error 1603. Now the ipod touch refuses to boot and only DFU mode works. What do i do?
  7. futuregator15

    futuregator15 Lovin OS X

    Get back into DFU Mode and restore. That's what I would do until I could get help on a ipod specific community
  8. -chw42-

    -chw42- Like a Boss

  9. mohaas05

    mohaas05 New Member

    Oh thank god. I managed to get back to 2.2.0. I presume that I will have to do all the steps over again?

    Additional Comment:
    Damn it. Everytime I try to flash the patched firmware I get an error code from iTunes.
  10. Whisper

    Whisper Logic :(

  11. mohaas05

    mohaas05 New Member

    Success! DO NOT kill any processes associated with iTunes when restoring the firmware. This will prevent it from working.
  12. Moose

    Moose Meta Moose

    Done and done. =D

  13. -chw42-

    -chw42- Like a Boss

    What are some good Cydia apps?

    I have Installous, mxTube, Winterboard, and backgrounder so far.
  14. Moose

    Moose Meta Moose

    BossPrefs, SBSettings are what I have on top of yours.
  15. Mister Chief

    Mister Chief New Member

    My laptop can't see my iPod in DFU mode so I have to use either my mum's laptop or my dad's PC.

    Very annoying.
  16. Hellcat

    Hellcat Staff Member

    Finally I can order an iTouch 2G :) As nice as that thing is, it's nothing w/o JB :p
  17. mohaas05

    mohaas05 New Member

    Wow. Jailbreaking is awesome. I use my iTouch so much now I might sell my PSP.
  18. Mister Chief

    Mister Chief New Member

    I did a system restore and now my laptop can see my iPod in DFU mode.
  19. Bran

    Bran Yell

    How do you edit the theme and delete default apps as stuff?
  20. Moose

    Moose Meta Moose

    Winterboard for editing themes, which you can get in Cydia.
    BossPrefs for hiding icons on the Springboard, which you can also get in Cydia.

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