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Regarding Blizzard BNet Integrations


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To Exophase Support Staff,

First, thank you for such a wonderful website, I just joined 3 days ago and I am loving it : D
I linked my exophase acct with my Gog, Steam, and Blizzard acct, and I had no problems on Gog and Steam integrations.

However, I encountered a problem on my Blizzard account, more specifically for World of Warcraft Achievements.
To start, the integrations did not detect that I owned the game, I wonder if it is because as the time of this writing, my WoW subscription has been inactive for more than a year.

Despite not having active subscription, my achievements can still be seen on:

So I thought at first that it will still be able to be counted.

If my WoW achievements cannot be counted, is it possible to remove blizzard bnet integrations from my account?

Thank you, I will be waiting for the reply.


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Enforcer Team
You need to login (actually go in game) and then logout with your WoW account. The API that Blizzard provides doesn't show data for inactive accounts anymore. Interesting that the site itself does, but, we do not pull data from there.

I'm not sure if you can login to WoW without an active subscription, but if you can, it should fix the problem. If you do this you'll need to re-link the account also. I'd wait like an hour before trying to re-link since the API doesn't always update right away either.

Removing Bnet can be done by clicking the Unlink link under the Social tab of the Edit Account page.
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Ok got it, I just realized that there is an unlink button there ><

Actually, in my situation, me and my WoW mate is planning to use the "Recruit A Friend" programme from Blizzard, which requires my account to be not active for at least 2 years since I am considered a returning player. I still have half a year more to wait before I am eligible for that program cosmetic rewards >< which is why I can't make my account active right now.

Thank you for the help and the explanation.