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Relased Filer 4.9


I released Filer 4.9.
check here:

And here is the changelog:
- added Bulgarian mode.
- added a feature to change length of drawing file name (short, middle, long).
- removed a feature to mark/unmark all of subfolder's files by analog left/right.
- changed to ignore extract-memory-size written in a RAR file because Filer could not extract it that expects more than 22MB.
- fixed a bug that Filer could not play low sampling rate WAV files correctly.


Wannabe Developer
Just a lil' question, when u gonna fix those bugs?:

Connecting to PC via usb.
Flash memory maintenance.
Modifying flash0. (Though flash1 can be modified)
Showing device information of flash0 and flash1.
Showing free area of flash0 and flash1.