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[RELEASE] 5.03 TIFF Hello World

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I'll just quote the readme:
Hello World for PSP firmware 5.03

The days of TIFF based exploits aren't long gone, at least not yet ;)
Here's the third TIFF exploit for the PSP, enjoy.

Just copy the files to the memory stick root, disconnect USB and go to photo menu.
Don't dismiss the exploit even if it doesn't work on the first time, it's *very* unstable.
You might get it working on the first time, but you might as well have to try it 20 times!

The h.bin is loaded to 0x08800000, and the text address of paf.prx is passed in $a0 to the
binary code. You can then trick out function imports, like for example sceDisplayWaitVblankStart:

sceDisplayWaitVblankStart = (void*)(paf_addr+0x15F068);

1. Copy either slim.tiff or phat.tiff to /PSP/PHOTO/ folder on the memory stick, depending on
your PSP model. Do NOT copy both!
2. Copy h.bin to the root of the memory stick.

Thanks to malloxis, FreePlay, Archaemic, wololo, Cloudy, Davee and everyone else who was involved.

Have fun!

P.S. Just wait a few days, there's a bit of awesomeness coming up. :)

- MaTiAz

EDIT: Updated with new version which works on Slims and Phats. No 3000 though. :/
Like Hardrive, great work. It really is funny how many exploits the TIFF format has provided.
Parrot posts galore, but this time it's deserved and allowed ;)

Glad to see a new hack that doesn't require a game to be used, brings me back to the old days when all you needed was your PSP and some brains
Great work MaTiAz! Looking forward to what this will lead to ;)

always good to see new exploits.
Wasn't so sure this would become anything, when you first showed me that video. But now I regret doubting you MaTiAz :p
Interesting :) It affects $t0 and $a0... 46389-4638A (Src) I'll await a working Slim version to mess around with.
Hey there, I just tested it on my psp and i got the following:

- Sometimes the exploit initialates when I press the "memory stick" button in the Photo menu, and sometimes it opens the mem stick and show a tumbnail of "poc.tiff" .

In the first situation, the psp screen goes on black, and the psp turns off afeter ~7 sec.
In the second situation i get to see the loading screen for pictures "psp with arrows around it in the middle of the screen" and then it goes off after ~5 to 7 sec.

I tried over 25 times now, used the files from this site and turned off the avp (wouldnt accept .tiff)

edit: Does the adapter have to be connected? Or the USB cable? guessed it wouldnt matter.
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