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[RELEASE] Hold+ v3.7 - Ultimate Music Player Companion


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Hold+ v3.7

Tested on 5.00M33-6

Download: OBSOLETE GET v3.8http://ifile.it/m5atcv4/hold__v3.7.zip (Click on Request Ticket).

Hold+ is the ultimate companion to the PSP's music player. It adds useful features and gives you TWICE the battery life when used properly.

It does the following when the Hold switch is enabled:
* Switches off the LCD screen and backlight.
* Underclocks the CPU to 60MHz
* The original screen brightness and clock speed are restored when the Hold switch is released.
* Prevents the PSP from going into suspend mode if you accidently push the power switch too far when turning off Hold mode.
* Allows complete operation of the PSP controls with the display turned off.
* Turns off LEDs in hold mode.
* While in hold mode, allows the use of Left, Right, LTrigger, RTrigger, Volume and Start buttons, if you hold the Select button first. Useful to skip songs, pause etc.

Additional Features:
* Enables the 5th brightness level on PSP Slim.
* Increases the vertical scrolling speed of Music player by around 50% (scroll 300 songs in 10 seconds).

Turn on the Hold switch to automatically disable the display and underclock the CPU. Turn off the Hold switch to return the CPU to normal speed and enable the display.

If you push the ANALOG UP button when turning on the Hold switch, it will only lock the keypad like normal hold mode. The display and CPU speed will not be changed, so that you can watch videos etc. with the keypad locked.

If you push the ANALOG UP button when turning off the Hold switch, the display will remain switched off and the CPU will remain underclocked, but you can operate the PSP. To return to normal, push the power switch to the suspend position, or just press the Screen button.

While the PSP is in hold mode, if you first hold down the Select button, you can use the following buttons: Left, Right, LTrigger, RTrigger, Vol+, Vol-, Start.

You can install it in the seplugins folder, and make an entry in VSH.txt. Thus it will be active in the XMB. Its also possible to use it in games by adding it to GAME.txt, but some games may crash etc., if the CPU is underclocked to such a low value.

Optionally, its also possible to install it in your PSP's flash0 so that it will work without a Memory Stick. For this you can use FreePlay's "NewBTCFNedit" and enable it for VSH mode in the all the PSPBT?NF.bin files. Add it before vshmain.prx.

If you want to change the clock speed to your own values, you can use a hex editor to change them. The offsets in the file for v3.7 are
0x1234 - CPU
0x1238 - Bus (Should be half the CPU speed or less)

The values should be entered in hexadecimal. The default value for CPU is 3C (60 MHz in decimal) and the default value for Bus is 1E (30 MHz in decimal).

Note that simply using any arbitrary value will not work. You will have to test and see which values for CPU and Bus speed work.

Thanks to adrahil for helping with preventing the suspend mode.

Thanks to Booster for the SysCon Hook sample, based on which Hold+ v3.0 was updated.

Changelog said:
Changelog v3.7
Optimized Code.
Proper fixed to prevent any chance of accidental suspend when coming out of hold mode due to pushing switch too far.
LEDs do not blink every 30 seconds anymore.



I have a suggestion for this, there should be an option to have a (LUA or other) screensaver run when the hold button is held down.


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That would hog CPU and reduce battery life. In anycase the developer of the screen saver can easily detect when hold is pressed to activate it.


Ok, nevermind. My suggestion was somewhat far fetched anyways.

Also, it appears the spoiler function is not working too in your first post in this thread.


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Hi, Torch, thx for really useful plugin :)
I have suggestion for this that I think sould be useful:
You should disable "backlight auto-off", if ANALOG UP pushed when turning on the Hold switch. Also the LEDS could be disabled then too.
what do you think about that?


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Why would you not want the backlight to turn off while in normal Hold mode? If you're watching a movie or something then it doesn't turn off anyway.


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Well sometimes its nice to listen music and watch at nice waves :D for example if you are using playing music in the car... and if you need to turn off display you will use hold mode (without ANALOG UP).


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There is something I'd ask you about watching a movie while using your plugin.

As I watch a lot before going to sleep it would be nice if you could add to disable the green light while on ANALOG UP + hold.


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hahahaha disable green light!! wow thats a very good request.. but how will you know if your psp is still on and the music either currupted or no baterry at all.