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[Release] The Field of Kings

Thomas Eversole

New Member
I originally posted in the PSP homebrew thread the release of this game, which is also compatible with the PS Vita, smart phones, etc.

The game is Javascript and HTML5 and is meant to be played through a browser so the game does work on the PS Vita. There are a few known issues with compatibility.

~ It is 100% touchscreen (none of the buttons do anything) and the screen has to be re-sized. Not an issue though, as its fully playable.
~ The music is generated by HTML5 audio tags. Being that this is a browser-as-console game, and the Vita doesn't support said tags, the game is currently silent and will continue to be until the Vita has a browser update making it fully compatible with HTML5.
~ The game has to be played via WIFI or 3G. It can be done so from the server at http://www.thefieldofkings.com

Further information is at thefieldofkings dot com
Thank you for your interest!