[RELEASED] 5.50 U3R-2

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  1. U3-Robot

    U3-Robot New Member

    Changes from 5.50 U3R:
    Fixed PSX Games - they are now working. (tested on Gran Turismo)
    Fixed exit with O button - now working.
    Added built-in plugins: (only for psp-2000, and still under construction)
    LEDControl 0.2 (not working on my 2000)
    Hold+ 3.7 (working on my 2000)
    MusicPRX 390 (not working on my 2000)

    1) You must install first 5.50 GEN or 5.50 U3R as a shell (framework).
    2) Delete u3rloader folder from /PSP/GAME if it is.
    3) Copy u3rloader folder from a zip file to /PSP/GAME
    4) Start 5.50U3R Installer from Game - Memory stick.
    5) Click X to install firmware or Up with plugins.
    6) Enjoy!

    5.50 U3R-1 OLD: http://rapidshare.com/files/245588254/u3rloader.zip
    Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/245868664/u3rloader2.zip

    P.S. GEN features will be added in 5.50 U3R-3.
    P.S.S. U3R-A is another name for it.
  2. dennis96411

    dennis96411 Member

    Awesome! Can you put the recovery menu from 5.02 GEN-A back, please? They removed that >:<
    Keep it coming! Wee!
  3. pspguru

    pspguru New Member

    nice thanks! :D

    My Umd Dump program works great on this along with gpsp aswell as ISO'S, PSPTUBE+HIGH MEM MOD, PSX Games.
    What is unstable: psp filer-it keeps going between hacking mode and normal and you cant manage files because its reacting as if i am pressing all the god damn buttons, which i am not!, major instability!
    Will update with what else works with your custom firmware! as soon as i have tested others.
  4. jim.snoek

    jim.snoek New Member

    Problem with updating

    When I start updating to 5.50 U3R-2 it says: "Phase 1 flashed!"
    and then it stops updating.

    anyone please help :sad:
  5. U3-Robot

    U3-Robot New Member

    Yeah, the U3R-3 update will. U3R-2.1 - not. So don't install CFW with plugins, and it won't press all the god damn buttons. LOL

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