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    Now, it doesn't necessarily need to be a file hosting site, just somewhere that will let me host a single .txt file. And by reliable I just mean one that won't change/drop the domain it gives me or close the account unexpectedly, etc. I don't care if it's a or anything like that. Long story short, I need it to complete an online hiscore system.

    ~Long Story~
    I have an appache server running with some perl scripts taking in submissions and handling them. Comparing them to the current hi-scores and so forth. Problem is that I don't have a static IP, so if hard code my current IP into my Android app I'd have release an update every time I need to change my IP (Move my server to school and back, or my IP changes for whatever other reason). Releasing an update for each time that happened would be quiet often and be a hassle for both me and the user. So rather than doing that, I figured I would just a host a single .txt file containing the current IP address of my server. So rather than constantly releasing updates I would just change the IP Address in the txt document to the new IP, and I would have my app detect the changes in the text file.

    I don't know if that was a good explanation of what I'm trying to do. It is 2a.m. as I'm writing this. Hope I got the idea across though.
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    Google Apps /thread.

    You can serve whatever you want based on whatever server side logic you want. And they don't impose annoying cross site/hotlinking restrictions like other hosts. You should move your entire server side application to Google Apps (meaning rewrite it in their supported languages to run on their servers).

    Since it's for an Android app, you can even integrate their Google Account into the score keeping on the server side.

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