Removing m33 check on NJ's emulators

Discussion in 'PSP Homebrew' started by imported_khan, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. imported_khan

    imported_khan New Member

    Removing m33 check on NJ's emulators?

    Hi all,

    Could someone please kindly remove m33 check on cps1psp, cps2psp and mvspsp 2.3.1 slim emulators?

    I am able to run usermode iterations on my PSP 3000 5.03 gen-c but I believe slim versions are better.

    mvspsp, cps1psp and cps2psp source code:

    Thanks in advance
  2. B2K24

    B2K24 Member

    This Slim versions are very much better because it uses the 64MB ram as opposed to psp phat 32MB of ram, so you don't need any CACHE files on memory stick to run CPS1 and CPS2 if you're using slim versions of NJ'S emulators.

    This very problem and the scanlines on the 3000 is why i traded someone i know for a 2001 series not to mention having pandora work with the CPU makes it far superior.

    I don't know in this instance if modifying someone's work is acceptable even though it would produce a better outcome and compatibility without using so much memory stick space for cache.

    Maybe someone with the skills will tackle this project for you but i have not the abilities. Good Luck
  3. imported_khan

    imported_khan New Member

    The developer has discontinued these emulators hence why I am looking for someone to remove the m33 check which should not have been there in the first place as none of the other emulators had it.
  4. Hardrive

    Hardrive Contributor

    I don't see what's wrong with this. The application was open sourced for a reason, I don't think it would be unacceptable at all for somebody to modify the source.

    Usually, requests aren't allowed on this forum, but since source is available and the request is fairly straightforward, I think this might slide.
  5. NoEffex

    NoEffex Seth's On A Boat.

    If it matters, once I find where it checks for M33 (There's alotta source) I can remove it. I already got it to compile (Required a little bit of tinkering) and it works and all, I just have to...ughhh...install GEN to test.
  6. MenaceInc

    MenaceInc Staff Member Staff Member

    I'm sure there was a reason for the M33 checks which if he was a good programmer, there'd be comments in the src to show why. I think I'll leave this up to NoEffex
  7. NoEffex

    NoEffex Seth's On A Boat.

    Alright, well, I can load it fine on 5.50 GEN-B2 or whatever XGen comes with, without modding it, so I don't think there's a check for M33.

    I'm not entirely sure what he's going after..
  8. Davee

    Davee lolhax

  9. NoEffex

    NoEffex Seth's On A Boat.

    Oh, I get it. Different builds.

    Anyway, I tested it on my 3k, seems to work.

    Thanks Davee.

    Also, Alien vs Predator is actually quite fun.

  10. B2K24

    B2K24 Member

    Thank you NoEffex for removing the check and releasing so quick.
    Your work is very much appreciated.

    If everything functions correctly you will be able to run entire CPS2 game list without any cache files needed, which is a HUGE difference in free space on ones memory stick :)

    CPS2 user mode 1.36 GB
    48 cache files needed

    CPS2 slim 538 MB 0 cache files required

    Does homebrew have access to 64MB of ram on a psp 3000 from ChickHENR2 environment?
  11. NoEffex

    NoEffex Seth's On A Boat.

    Eh, thank Davee, he actually did most of the fix, haha. But moreover thank the dude that released his source.
  12. imported_khan

    imported_khan New Member

    I can not tell you how grateful I am of both NoEffex and Davee. Thanks again.
  13. Logitech

    Logitech New Member

  14. Davee

    Davee lolhax

    Not directly. The check for large memory in the SFO has a bug that it'll never ever search for the MEMSIZE or whatever tag. Although, homebrew has the ability to call sctrlHENSetMemory (or similar) and then reboot back into their homebrew which will activate large memory usage.

  15. HacKmaN

    HacKmaN #include

    Is this the same that is done in the high mem mod of the netfront browser?
  16. Mathieulh

    Mathieulh Developer

    kuKernelGetModel was used to figure wether the code is running on a psp-1000 or 2000 (to know how much ram it would be able to alocate I guess)

    The problem is most likely that you are trying to run this software on a 03g model and that anything newer than 02g wasn't added to the code (because it probably didn't exist)

    I didn't check the source myself but it is likely that they check if the psp is 01g and alocate 32MB if it is while if the psp is 02g they alocate more ram.

    What should be done is if the psp is 01g, alocate 32MB (or lower) else, alocate more.

    This branch of the code just has to be fixed, since the software is opensource I doubt it would be much of a problem to begin with.

    P.S. this is GPLed so the original as well as the modified sources should be provided whenever a change occur.
  17. NoEffex

    NoEffex Seth's On A Boat.

    He did separate builds per slim and phat.

    I can't find any GPL license (There IS some weird encoding, but I figured that was a different language, I could be wrong..), but I suppose uploading the source would be courteous.
  18. B2K24

    B2K24 Member

    Thanks alot to all involved. A very awesome Homebrew this is.
  19. B2K24

    B2K24 Member

    Anyone have a copy of source code? I wish to try and add more recent dumps that can be played and the link is offline :(

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