Retoachivments would be the last great addition for me.

Discussion in 'Feedback & Support' started by ALI ESSA, Jul 6, 2017.


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  2. x3sphere

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    Cool site. I have put it on the to-do list for now. Seems they offer an API so shouldn't be a lot of work to add.
  3. U2NUMB

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    Would love this... glad it is on the to do list.
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  4. MCurley

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    Second/third this as well!
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  5. NocturnalNL

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    I'd like this as well :D
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    ALI ESSA New Member

    The fact it's even being considered and a response is given is awesome shows a dedication most tracking sites lack. Metagamerscore has it and tracks a lot but i can't stand the site layout.
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  7. deithe

    deithe New Member

    Im with you there, I came from metagamerscore but it took about 3 years to seperate the dlc and when they did it it was awful, this is a much better site in my opinion :)
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  8. deithe

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    Also, and bear in mind i dont know what im talking about, the guy from metagamerscore tweeted the guy from retroachievements asking to open their api to them and they did, does that mean anything to you guys? Sorry if I look dumb lol
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  9. CaptainScarLeg

    CaptainScarLeg New Member

    This would be fantastic. I recently got a PS4 (already had plenty of Xbox and Steam stuff) and found out about this site, then shortly after found out about Retroachievements. Super bummed out when I found I couldn't add my RA achievements here so I'm using MetaGamerScore as well. It's a good tracking site and probably has some unique features, but as others have said it's not nearly as slick as this site.

    A couple things I could see being an issue would be dividing up all the platforms (maybe just keeping them together under "Retro" would work better, at least to begin with) and generating thumbnails for the games. They just use full box art on MGS which is okay but I like the uniformity of the little thumbnails used here. I imagine they're generated by some sort of automatic API grabbing and cropping wizardry, but can they be replaced manually? I'd be happy to make some thumbnails for games. That could potentially be a fun little thing for the community to help out with.

    Anyway, this is a cool site. Thanks for making it, it's helped reinvigorate the mostly-casual-sometimes-hardcore achievement hunter within me, haha.
  10. ALI ESSA

    ALI ESSA New Member

    Could the Forum Gamercard signature be made so it could switch between more then 3 services would be awesome once this is added.
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  11. MCurley

    MCurley New Member

    Agree on the singular "Retro" category and I also could help with cropping thumbnails.
  12. x3sphere

    x3sphere Administrator Staff Member Enforcer Team

    Yes the thumbnails here are auto cropped since pretty much every platform has different sized images. In particular for Xbox 360, I used the cropped versions of the box art images since the standard icons were too small. So I could adapt the same cropping system for the images on Retro Achievements.

    However the cropping isn't always perfect, so yeah, having a way to upload custom icons is a good idea. I'll plan on getting that added when we go live with RA support.

    Also like the idea of categorizing it all under Retro.

    Please make a separate topic for this if it isn't working, but as far as I can see, more than three services are being shown on your animated card. I am aware that Blizzard activity isn't being included on the gamercards yet (will be added in the coming days most likely).
  13. JosPlays

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    I would love to see RetroAchievements on here :3 Finally an excuse to play retro games.
  14. ALI ESSA

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