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PC Rift

After growing tired of WoW, I've been looking for a new MMO, and Rift looks to be quite promising from what I've heard. I tried the beta very briefly, but never really gave it the time of day to see it's appeal. Anyone plan on picking this up, or get in early through pre-ordering to get Early Access?
I'm up to level 30. Been playing almost non stop since head star launch. I got sick of WoW and stopped playing to play this. The game looks promising if the end game is good and Trion continues to support it as well as they have the past few days. There's some things I like a lot about it and some stuff I preferred how it was in WoW, but all in all the game is a lot of fun.
Sounds, good, the new trailer they put out today looks sick


Does the game come with a guest pass? I might have to con a friend of mine into buying it, just so I can get one.
Nah it doesn't come with a guest pass and there's no free trial yet that I know of.
Just picked this up. Haven't had time to play too much, but it is pretty impressive from what I've seen. It manages to get so many little aspects right, that you wouldn't really tend to think of otherwise. It is quite complex though so far, and a good deal of stuff to learn, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Rifts and world events are pretty fun to just hop right into, but when just trying to quest, it can get frustrating at times when there are SO many popping up everywhere at once. Can still see myself sinking a lot of time into this though.
Had to stop for a month :p Never got to play as much as I wanted but I'm back, surprised at the amount of content they've added already. Plus they just announced today that the next major content patch will contain a free shard transfer ability, up to once a week. Not too shabby, wish more MMOs included things like that for free instead of trying to charge for things like that on top of the monthly fee that you're already paying. Saw they added a LFG tool as well into the game which I know was a source of quite some controversy, personally I was never against it, so I think it'll be nice to use :)