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Rockstar Social Club Support


New Member
Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to ask if it's possible, or if the developers here would be interested in adding in a tracker for Social Club achievements. There's not too many games on there of course that are supported, but I love the option of more trackers!


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Rockstar games are a staple of trophy hunting (certainly much more so than the cute but marginal Retro Achievements) and it's only a matter of time before Exophase implement the Rockstar API -- which is available, documented, and already supported by other platforms like Galaxy and Playnite.


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Enforcer Team
I'll take a look at adding support for it. I actually did awhile back, but at the time there were a few issues with the API - wasn't able to retrieve achievements for some games even though the user had their profile set to public. However, this seems to be fixed now.