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Discussion in 'Nintendo Discussion' started by El Diablo, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. El Diablo

    El Diablo Member

    So, I've been thinking I really wanted a 3DS because of OoT and a few games that were announced for end of this year/next year that look good too. Then I read some reviews about how terrible the battery life was and how a lot of games didn't look that great etc etc.

    Bassically, the 3D and quality of it isn't my main concern, it's an extra feature of an upgraded DS to me that I can disable if I want to, however 2-3 hours of battery is what bothers me. Does anyone think there will be any sort of revision in the near future (like, by January) that would possibly be better on the battery or have an upgraded battery. or any other various "upgrades" to make it worth waiting for, or if I want one would this be my only real option?

    On a side note, I saw Gamestop has some "Extra $25 on hardware trade in credit" for an extra 25 bucks on trading in a "current gen" system. I was thinking about trading in a DS Lite to put towards it and was hoping to buy it while this deal was going on, anyone have any idea they might give for one that's in good condition with the stylus and charger and everything?
  2. MenaceInc

    MenaceInc Staff Member Staff Member

    Will there be a revision with better battery life? Certainly. By January 2012? I'd say unlikely.
    Just after the Christmas period wouldn't make much sense in my opinion for a revision of a console less than a year old.
  3. Joey

    Joey New Member

    I'd say next summer at best. Probably holiday 2012. Less than a year is way too quick for a revision, even for Nintendo.
  4. Deathrow

    Deathrow Member

    I'm in the same boat. Thinking about a 3DS because of OoT, StarFox 64 3D, Paper Mario, Mario Kart, MGS3, Super Mario, and many more games to come out of the next few years.

    I've done actually about 2 weeks of researching and found the great and bad things about the 3DS. I can see why a revision would be needed for the hinge problem and battery life. However, I doubt we will see one until 2013...
    Remember, the 3DS has only been out for 3 months in the U.S.
  5. Joey

    Joey New Member

    Personally, I see no reason not to wait until that revision, even if it doesn't come until 2013. Isn't not like the games that come out in the preceding years wont still be available. And plus, everything would be cheaper by then.

    I'd say under no circumstance should you spend $250 on the current revision of the 3DS. I personally wouldn't spend more than $150. It's just not a good value proposition.
  6. x3sphere

    x3sphere Administrator Staff Member Enforcer Team

    The PS Vita @ $249.99 put my plans to buy a 3DS on hold. I will wait for a second revision, or price cut.
  7. Abe Froeman

    Abe Froeman Gamer Dad Staff Member Enforcer Team

    I'm sticking to my refusal to buy anything related to 3D. I don't need it or want it.
  8. Robby

    Robby Los Doyers!

    Same. I'm waiting for the Vita to drop then play that until the 3DS get's a price cut.
  9. El Diablo

    El Diablo Member

    I went out and bought this yesterday, I'm too impatient and stupid to wait.

    Honestly the vita means nothing to me, I have no interest in it. 2 analog sticks are nice but the current game line up does not interest me at all, the graphics of the current games doesn't impress me anymore than the 3ds and if the psp vs ds was anything to go by, it will not have many quality games for it vs the 3ds (hopefully) having a lot of good games and RPGs. At first I really loved the psp but grew tired of it quick and it seemed like they stopped making any good games for it, and the homebrew scene died. Maybe I just don't have high hopes for the vita because of the psp, but right now I'm thinking 3ds over vita.

    Honestly the 3d is a non issue for me. It didn't affect my buying it, I don't care about it. To me it's just an added gimmick to a suped up DS that I can mess around with if I want and disable and play games normally if I want. I've always been an anti 3d guy, I really do hate it and how (for a while anyway) it was tried to put into everything, I just think *hope* this will have better games/ones of my liking.

    So far I have spent the majority of my time playing Zelda without the 3d on. When I turn it on for a little I can't go past 25% without the screen being un seeable for me, and even playing it that low after about 30 minutes I get a head ache. As much as I hate the 3d hype though, I do have to say that playing games with it is a different experience. It definitely helps with the immersion, especially in a game like Zelda where I can get sucked into it regardless, it sort of gives it a whole new feel.

    I hope I can get used to the screen to be able to play with 3d on all the time if I wanted, but bad eyesight in the family + recently buying an extremely powerful laser that I have been using + using the 3d, really makes for an uncomfortable experience, and trying to read things afterward never works well.

    Either way, I think I will be happy with this in the end. I hate being an impulse buyer but once I get a flashcart that is compatible with the 3ds for my old ds games, and once some more games come out by the end of the year I think it will have justified the purchase, even if a new revision does come out in a year that was worth waiting for.
  10. TeamOverload

    TeamOverload Active Member

    Good purchase choice, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Just got your PM and responded to it as well, so hope that helps out.
  11. Deathrow

    Deathrow Member

    Thanks for your input El Diablo. I too agree with most of what you say. Sorry to hear about your eye sight. You could always play it in 2D which is still impressing regardless. It's becoming a portable N64 (possibly) that just makes it so irresistible.

    I told myself I wouldn't buy the 3DS because of the crappy launch line up. E3 quickly changed my mind, seeing most of my beloved games being remastered, in 3D, and portable. Hopefully people who wait for the PS Vita will be rewarded for their patience as well, seeing the launch line up looking a bit dim itself.
  12. Conor

    Conor New Member

    i would have to say they are boring, i had the original and it got boring after like half-a-hour.
  13. TeamOverload

    TeamOverload Active Member

    The original what? Ocarina? I wouldn't even come close to calling Zelda games boring, but to each their own I suppose.

    I still want a Windwaker remake. Loved that game so much.
  14. El Diablo

    El Diablo Member

    Honestly if they just turned the 3ds into a portable n64 and made remakes of all the games I loved like Majoras Mask and what not, I would re buy all of them probably even Windwaker to try it if they made it.
  15. El Diablo

    El Diablo Member

    I must say I think the little AR games are pretty cool. I feel like there's some nice potential there for other games to use that in their games. I mean, I'm older now but when I was a kid, a yu gi oh game using that stuff would be so epic, and now they could do it. Give you a bunch of blank AR cards and you put them down, the the monster you played in the game shows up from the card in 3d on your desk, that would be pretty sweet. I hope some creative stuff comes out for that, even though it is a pain holding the DS at the cards the whole time.
  16. Joey

    Joey New Member

    Like say, Eye of Judgement? I'd be into that.
  17. El Diablo

    El Diablo Member

    Yeah just like that, maybe set the DS down on a flat surface with the screen up at an angle and have a mat/cards like that you could put where the camera is facing and then use the stylus for in game stuff on the touchscreen, the the top screen displays the camera stuff. I think it would be pretty neat, and I'm sure the younger audience would love something like that.
  18. Joey

    Joey New Member

    To hell with younger audiences, I want that, lol.

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